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Our Expertise - Managed IT Healthcare Services

Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Hand over day-to-day management of your IT to the experts and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.

Ironclad Data Security

Enjoy organization-wide cyber security coverage and HIPAA compliance, to ensure patient data is secure.

24/7 Technical Support

Get the healthcare IT support you need, when you need it and address IT issues before they can impact productivity.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Patient data and your network are too critical to leave unmonitored. Benefit from remote monitoring and alerting to address IT issues before they can impact your business.

Patch and System Management

Ensure that your technology is operating at peak capacity with routine updating and patching. That way, you leave no gaps or vulnerabilities in your IT stack.

Managed Secure Remote Access

Telemedicine is making the need for secure remote access for patients and providers a necessity. Securely access data when you need it and interact with patients seamlessly.

ISOwire Differentiators

What Sets Our Healthcare Managed IT Services Apart from Others

Expertise and experience set our IT healthcare consultants apart.

Healthcare-Centered IT Assessment

Get to the bottom of your infrastructure vulnerabilities with our in-depth site survey.

We’ll analyze your CPT codes to determine how to optimize revenue. Improve your claims processing, reconciliations processing, appeals efficiency, etc.

Workflow Improvement

Get more than generic IT management services—trust your data to industry experts.

You’ll get healthcare-specific operational efficiencies, like implementing technology that assists with insurance validation, accelerating and simplifying your processing.

Laboratory-Specific Servicing

A lab environment demands a specific set of day-to-day IT services.

We’ll ensure that it’s simple to integrate lab results into a patient's EHR chart file, saving you time and ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

Managed Cloud Services

Unlock efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance security with HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions.

We help healthcare organizations migrate, monitor, and manage cloud environments effortlessly.

E-Prescription Support

Improve your  patient experience when you move your healthcare system online.

Streamline access to prescription information securely and without running into roadblocks.

Telemedicine Support

More and more patients are looking for telemedicine support.

Whether your entire operation is online or you have a few remote providers, we’ll ensure that they can securely access patients and remain HIPAA compliant.

Managed Healthcare IT Services

Work With a Team Experienced in the Healthcare Industry

You won’t waste time explaining your healthcare-related needs; we have years of experience supporting healthcare providers. Our telehealth consultants know healthcare.


Complete Lifecycle Support

We understand your sales cycle, from patient enrollment to insurance validation to interacting with a healthcare provider to helping, through technology, manage lab samples, e-prescriptions, billing CPT codes, insurance denials and appeals, and more.


Healthcare Data Analysis

We’re not just interested in implementing immediate improvements, but also long-term IT success for your business. We analyze your data and industry trends to preemptively empower your business with cutting-edge technologies.

Prepare Your Business for Any Eventuality

EHR are too critical to put at risk, and you need to maintain business continuity no matter what issues strike.


Cloud Hosting

Leverage the latest security standards and technologies to ensure data security and protection at all times.


Disaster Recovery Services

With our backup and disaster recovery plans, you can rest assured that your data can never be lost. Our backup systems have near-instant response times in the event of data loss or corruption.

Healthcare IT Managed Services

Healthcare Managed Services From a Provider That Understands the Industry

Boost productivity, boost profitability with an experienced healthcare managed services provider

Optimize Your IT Budget With ISOWire

Optimize your healthcare managed services by building a tailored package to address your specific needs, so you won’t waste a dollar on superfluous services.



Expert IT technicians continuously monitor your network, infrastructure, and overall system to ensure optimal functionality.


Protection and Support

Whether it’s preventing viral intrusion and other cyberattacks or fixing a disruptive IT roadblock, our healthcare cybersecurity providers be there to help and protect at all times.


Upgrading and Patching

Leverage the best technology in the industry and ensure that it’s working at peak efficiency with our upgrade implementation and routine patching.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Managed IT services in healthcare cover the dedicated efforts of IT experts like ISOwire to handle all technology-related aspects of a healthcare provider’s operations.

We’re talking about a 360-degree approach, from cybersecurity to cloud integration and IT support at all levels.

Healthcare managed IT services providers offer an all-encompassing package. 

ISOwire, for example, provides a wide array of services ranging from IT support and helpdesk, to disaster recovery and back-end systems like phones and Microsoft Office 365. 

We even handle specialized tasks like healthcare cyber security, ensuring that your patient data is protected. 

Our team consists of certified engineers and technicians, and we offer a comprehensive set of EMR/EHR services.

When you outsource your healthcare organization’s IT department or additional support to a trusted third party, that’s known as managed IT services in the healthcare sector. 

In-house IT services are when you keep these same functions in-house.

Managed IT service providers bring industry-specific insights, around-the-clock support, and a wide range of services, all designed to enhance your operational efficiency, patient care, and revenue optimization

In managed IT services for healthcare, you’ll often find solutions like:

  • Cloud integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote access
  • Patch management
  • Remote monitoring and alerting
  • And more

Specialized services like penetration testing and analysis of breach processes are also included, ensuring that healthcare providers are not just operational, but secure and compliant.

Healthcare managed IT services are pivotal in driving operational efficiency.

With IT support, you can streamline your workflows, from patient enrollment to insurance validation, lab results integration, and e-prescribing medicines. 

ISOwire also offers valuable insights into how to optimize revenue and increase efficiencies through technology.