EHR Hosting Solution for Your Healthcare Practice

ISOwire’s EHR hosting provides instant, secure access to patient data so you can provide excellent care uninterrupted.

HIPAA-Compliant Hosting from an MSP that Knows the Medical Industry

We know the healthcare industry. Drive revenue and deliver the best patient care with help from tech experts who get it.

Why choose ISOwire for EHR hosting?

  • Our founders have experience running healthcare companies themselves. We get it, we’ve been there.
  • We know how to optimize your data centers for efficient revenue and care thanks to our experience.
  • An internet connection always has risks, don’t let it affect your system. Let us keep patient records secure.

Save time with EMR systems that automatically integrate lab results into patient files.

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What is EHR Hosting?


It’s Fast & Cost-Effective

EHR software hosting lets every practitioner see every electronic medical record they need quickly. ISOwire’s hosting services will provide your business with the optimal technology stack for fast access with an excellent ROI.

Automate Patient Updates

Patient records change, and your practitioners need up-to-date data to deliver optimal care. ISOwire’s hosting environments automatically integrate lab results, X-ray images, MRI scans, and insurance validation with each patient file.

Consistent Data Across Locations

ISOwire’s EMR hosting is cloud-based. That makes us ideal for large practices with multiple locations. No matter where you deliver healthcare, every practitioner sees the same up-to-date patient files.

Protect Your Patients’ Privacy

We value patient confidentiality and respect your need for HIPAA compliance. As an EHR vendor, we’re dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind by performing regular data backups and making sure every hardware and software tool we recommend is secure.

Our Numbers

Why Trust our EHR Platform Hosting?

Helpdesk Support for healthcare operations that run all hours.
Years of experience with healthcare practices like yours.
Years average customer retention. Our clients stick with us.
EHR Consultant

It takes Just 3-Steps for us to Understand Your Healthcare Business

Step 1: We perform a site survey of your healthcare practice. This way, we can be sure we know the scope of your needs.

Step 2: We analyze your CPT codes so we can set up your EHR software in a way that optimizes your revenue and streamlines accurate data reporting.

Step 3: We look at technology costs. We want your practice to get a lot of bang for your buck so we’ll choose the most affordable solution for your needs.

Throughout every step, scalability stays at the top of our minds. Your EHR solution should be able to grow and travel with your practice, even while you change or add locations.

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Get Specialized IT Support made for Healthcare Workers

Most IT specialists just know IT. Our IT team is different. Give your workers a better user experience with support from IT specialists who know computers and healthcare.

ISOwire’s support team can troubleshoot:

  • Patient flows: from enrollment, to insurance validation, to seeing a doctor.
  • prescriptions: so no patient is ever left waiting.
  • Insurance: we know how to deal with insurance companies and can help you appeal and collect costs.
  • Data integrations: all of a patient’s records are consolidated into an easy-to-manage file.
  • Data analysis: so we can determine trends in the industry.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: so you’ll never lose a patient’s information.

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EHR Hosting

Protect Your Clinic’s Critical Data with an Advanced EHR System

Each electronic health record is safe with EHR hosting services that value data security.