EHR & EMR Archiving Solutions & Support

Safeguard patient data from end to end – prevent patient data loss and stop hackers from accessing sensitive information.

Leverage Secure EMR Archiving Solutions

Cut the risks of long-term data storage with HIPAA-compliant EMR archiving solutions delivered by an IT firm dedicated to healthcare.

Why choose ISOwire for EMR archiving?

  • Keep your medical records secure with leading cybersecurity solutions implemented into your archiving system.
  • Leverage 24/7/365 support to ensure seamless data conversion onto a cloud-based platform.
  • Ensure seamless compliance and get peace of mind that you’re meeting federal, state, and HIPAA standards for patient data storage.
  • Reduce EMR data archiving costs with a cost-effective system that improves data accessibility.
  • Scale your data storage capacity easily thanks to the cloud so you can handle all your legacy data as well as new EHR data.


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How Our EMR Data Archiving Services Help Medical Organizations Thrive

Our EMR and EHR Data Archiving Services

Data Archiving
End-to-End Services
Healthcare Cybersecurity
Compliance Support
Data Migration

Migrate Medical Data With Ease

Migrate medical data to a new data archive with support from your own IT team and 24/7 monitoring. Free up storage space on core systems and in cloud space while ensuring the safe archiving of sensitive data.

Keep data archiving seamless when you:

  • Retire legacy systems
  • Merge or acquire another healthcare practice
  • Have a provider retire
  • And more

Access archived data anywhere with a se

Get Full Management for Your Archiving Systems

Your healthcare organization needs to keep its EHR data safe and secure within an easy-to-use EHR system - but this probably isn’t your area of expertise. And that’s where we come in.

We’ll manage the entire implementation, management, and updating of your new, cloud-based data archiving solution.

Benefit from:

  • Implementation support
  • Technology procurement
  • Cybersecurity
  • Patching and updating
  • Monitoring
  • Support to decommission legacy systems
  • And more

Save money, protect your critical health information/medical records, and have it all managed by elite IT technicians with years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Keep Your Business Safe From Online Threats

Healthcare organizations are increasingly becoming the targets of online attackers - medical data being among the most potentially valuable types of data for these assailants to ransom.

Ensure that your healthcare data archive system is fully secured against the possibility of these threats.

Keep data from becoming corrupted or being stolen with continuously updated server images and support from the industry’s leading healthcare specialists.

Ensure Compliance With All Relevant Standards

Store sensitive data with HIPAA-compliant hosting providers and ensure your system meets industry standards.

What’s more, this system is highly scalable. As your organization grows, you’ll be able to seamlessly meet the increased demand for digital storage.

Ensure Data Retention as You Upgrade Your Archive

Integrate all your legacy EHRs into your new cloud-based archive without missing a beat.

Manage your entire data migration and digital transformation, so that you can ensure that nothing gets left behind in the switch - you’ll never lose a thing when you convert EHRs and EMRs.

Better yet, the process is completed quickly and without unnecessary downtime, so you won’t miss out on revenue as you switch.

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Our EMR and EHR Data Archiving Stands Out

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EMR Archiving

Legacy EMR Archiving Software for Better Patient Care

Implement a 3-step process to develop a complete understanding of your business before we make technology recommendations. This includes:

  • Survey of your existing technology (in this case, your legacy EMR archive system)
  • Analysis of how to improve your current workflows as we migrate data to your new system
  • Determine the most cost-effective solutions to maximize your ROI

Enjoy platform-agnostic EMR archiving support, including:

  • Allscripts
  • Microsoft
  • AthenaHealth
  • Dell
  • NextGen
  • And more

Cut Down on Your EMR Data Archiving Costs With IT for Healthcare Experts

Ensure compliance, scalability, and ease-of-use while also ensuring that costs come down – our services are 100% contract free and offered with flexible pricing.

That’s because our expert team is able to determine the best solutions for your business and implement them without delay.

Get technology on your side that helps your business grow.

EMR Data Archiving Services

Reduce EMR Data Archiving Costs While Remaining HIPAA Compliant

Get secure, reliable, and cost-effective archiving solutions and services.